Welcome to BeeWench Farm!

BeeWench Farm is the only Certified Naturally Grown CSA in San Luis Obispo County. On 10 beautiful acres in Shandon, they grow row crops and raise pastured chicken, dairy goats and hens for eggs. The farm sells its harvest at 5 local farmers markets, on the farm and via the Community Supported Agriculture model. Their pastured chicken is also featured on the menu at local restaurants specializing in fresh, organically grown food.

How We Grow


Everything on the farm is grown with the earth in mind. We use the livestock to build fertility in the soil to grow fresh, all natural vegetables using no pesticides or herbicides. Meat raised on pasture, naturally with non-GMO feed supplement.

Certified Naturally Grown


BeeWench Farm is the only Certified Naturally Grown CSA on the central coast of California. We believe that natural is best, and that everyone deserves access to fresh fruits and vegetables and the ability to know the farmer who grows it! Visit http://www.naturallygrown.org for more information on our certification!